Parking Lot Info

Parking Lot and Student Drop-off/Pick-up Information

Please use the parking lot for drop-off and pick-up of students before and after school.  Do not use the bus loop from 8:40-8:50am and 3:10-3:40pm.  Students are not to be dropped off in the morning before 8:40am, there is no adult supervision until then.


Driver “Pick-up/Drop-off” Protocols

Bear Valley’s main driver pick-up/drop-off location is in the parking lot. 

The “emergency lane/bus” loop is secondary.


(Main) Pick-up/Drop-off

Parking Lot Loop

  • “Pick-up/drop-off ” is located in the parking lot area. (Along the sidewalk)
  • Pull over to curb.  (Double parking is prohibited.)
  • Enter/exit car on sidewalk side. (Right side of car)
  • Stay in vehicle!  (This is a fire lane.)
  • Follow all traffic laws.
  • Use crosswalk.  (The crosswalk is located at the east side of the "pick-up/drop-off" curb near the handicap parking.)
  • Watch for students!


***Please consider parking in a parking space and using the crosswalk, when child/children need assistance with items or to pick-up/drop-off.


(Secondary) Pick-up/Drop-off

Emergency Lane/Bus Loop

  • Use after bus departure. (8:50am & 3:40pm)
  • “Pick-up/drop-off” at front of building. (Near flag pole)
  • Pull over to curb. (Double parking is prohibited)
  • Enter/exit car on sidewalk side. (Right side of car)
  • Stay in vehicle! (This is a fire lane!)
  • Use “main entrance” doors.
  • Follow all traffic laws.